6 Aspects to Consider Before Installing Freestanding Baths


These days, real estate prices are soaring at an alarming rate and for this reason, owning large, sprawling houses have become quite a distant dream for most people. But for the few fortunate individuals who do possess these kinds of houses, they must have fancied about installing freestanding baths in Perth at some point. And why won't they? There's nothing better than this if you are looking to enhance the utility of your bathroom.

Having said it, there are certain points that you must keep in mind while looking to install freestanding baths. These points are:-

  • Weight: 

More often than not, these baths are quite heavy in nature. This is especially evident in the case of stone, wood or even cast iron. It's not just its weight; you also need to consider how heavy it will be once it's filled with water. Is your floor capable enough to take that load? As a homeowner, you might not know these things which is why consulting a builder or engineering is undoubtedly the best choice.

  • Decide the location: 

It would be unwise on your part to leave the decision of deciding where to place these baths till the last minute. If you want a relaxing experience, placing your bath by the window is undoubtedly the best option. Look out for an awkward space in the bathroom and fill it with a free standing bath.

  • Factor in storage around the bath: 

It's important to consider the storage aspect of it because if there isn't any space, where will you put all your potions, lotions and towels. If you can't install a shelf, you can always opt for a small side table.

  • Choose your style: 

Whether you opt for a contemporary style or a more traditional one, it all boils down to your taste and preferences. While deciding, make sure that you imagine how things will look once everything is finished.

  • Choose the colour: 

When it comes to colour, you can be extremely flexible. You also have the option to add a different element to the whole design.

  • Make it stand out: 

If you want your baths to be the focus of attention, you can always choose one which is made of copper, wood or stone.

If you are looking to buy cheap baths in Perth, you should always trust reputed companies for this purpose. If you don't, you can easily end up paying over the odds for it.